Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night I was invited to attend the Wine & Cheese Benefit for WCHS. I had a fabulous time, I was given opportunity to speak about my title, my platform on PETS, and my volunteer work with the TAHS, and gave a little plug in there about my Benefit tomorrow too. I met Jerry Anderson of Channel 11 news, and many others. I also was approached by the DJ service if I do commercials and if I would be interested in being in a commercial for their business. Of course, I said yes to the invitation, why not? it would be fun and gives me more exposure.

Everyone enjoyed the festivities, there was wonderful display of cheese, fruit and vegetables plus some hors' duerves (spelling check) Plus a large selection of wines and drinks. I had a sprite, but mom did try a fabulous white wine called a Barefoot Moscato.

There was dancing which was a lot of fun. Plus a live auction as well as a silent auction. There were at least 50 silent auction items, and about 25 live auction items. Based on the donations they received I think the WCHS actually did very well with what was sold. Mom and I bid on 5 different things and won 4 of them. Someone cheated on the 5th item and wrote their number in after the silent auction was over and before the staff could pick up the tickets. Oh well, very pleased to be able to support the WCHS also with our donations to the silent auction.

Thanks to the Wood County Humane Society for allowing me to be a part of their event, and for an evening of fun and excitement raising money for our furry friends!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bark in the Park Event today

I had a great time at the Bark in the Park Event, despite not feeling well. It was raining, wet and cold out there but it was so cool to see all those devoted dog owners bring their doggies out for the event despite the weather. Thank you to all who came out and supported the Toledo Area Humane Society today!

Here's a few pics.

Me helping at the education tent.....

this is my little Xena... warrior Princess posing for a pic with the Wendy's girl wig on

Cute doggies....

I think this big guy had to be the largest dog there...... his owner calls him Beowulf and he is the next to the largest in his breed ever recorded according to the owner. He is a Newfoundland. BIg but gentle giant. By the way, he is sitting!! lol

loved their slogan..... They do not train wives, husbands or kids!!!

The following pictures were of one of their trained dogs. It was awesome to watch, the trainer gave him commands and facial gestures from behind me, and the dog watched him and followed his commands.

Here is new pictures of the new Toledo Humane Society Truck donated by Anderson's