Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Stray gets a Second Chance!!

On Tuesday, I visited the Toledo Humane Society and found they have another cruelty case. A dog who was adopted out before came back malnourished and is losing his hair. So he's getting special care now to regain a healthy weight. Plus George is doing real well also. His wounds are healing very well. He has a spot on his forehead that the skin was so burnt that there is some exposed bone, but George doesn't seemed to phased by it. Pics to follow later!

My new animal story for the season is a beautiful orange/brown long haired (very fluffy) female cat showed up at my house this past weekend. I went to leave and opened the door and she was there almost jumping in the front door of my house. She was very friendly and lovable. We fed her and she was starving, eating every last morsel of food. We were able to find out that she was female and still had her front claws too. She seemed to be in good condition thus we were thinking she may belong to someone but no one in my neighborhood claimed her. She didn't have a collar on so we were thinking maybe she was micro chipped. After several attempts to get her to go in the carrier, and let me tell you she fought us and actually eluded us and took off. I had to try to lure her back and when I was able to grabbed her and it took me, my mom and dad to get her in the carrier. She freaked out with us trying to put her in the carrier. We took her to the Humane society to get checked. She was NOT micro chipped as hoped and appeared to be in pretty good shape though, and they estimated her to be around 2 years old. The Humane Society couldn't take her in as they were full and didn't have a vacant spot for her, as well as Paws and Whiskers Cat Rescue and the Toledo animal shelter, so we had no choice but to bring her back home. At least she has food, water and some shelter here at our house. The Toledo Humane society also has a lost list which was checked and no one reported her missing, but they also have a WISH list. The wish list is a family's request for a certain type of breed, color etc. They had someone who was looking for a kitten/cat that fit the description of this one so the TAHS called them and left a message for them to contact me.

We did get a phone call Tuesday night , and tried to send photos via phone but the guy said he didn't live to far from us so he came by. He seemed to be very interested in her and thought she was very pretty too! She did get spooked, probably from earlier trauma , and took off, so I again had to go over to my neighbor's yard and try to lure her back, which she did come to me so I grabbed her and put her in the guys car. He was real excited about her and thought his wife would like her also. They are cat lovers like me, they have 2 other cats at home too! I was excited as were my parents that we were able to find her a home.

On Wednesday, I got a text from the guy that they named her Lucy and she is doing good. Lucy even slept in their room that night and seems to be adjusting fine except getting familiar with the other cats, which takes a few days to adjust. Lucy was going to the vet in a couple of days to get checked too! Lucy's new family are very happy! Another lost/stray cat has been taken off the streets and placed in a nice home. Thanks to the TAHS for the referral and for the family who contacted us and took LUCY in and giving her a great home!!!