Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Competition Supporting my Platform.....

Well July 26th at Miss Greater Cleveland was my first time of promoting my platform at Miss Ohio level... I felt good about it, but I am not sure about the judges and what they thought. I think they were thinking I was a fanatic person until they asked me questions. The message I want to get out there is regarding Responsible Pet Ownership. By being a responsible pet owner, then our pets will be healthy and safe. I just want all pets to be safe, have a safe environment to live in, be feed healthy and appropriate food, have routine checkups with a Veterinarian and receive vaccinations to keep from getting disease and safeguard from theft or if a pet is lost by micro-chipping and up to date registration systems to track these pets. I am against abuse and neglect at any level. That is not acceptable! It is our responsibilty as a pet owner to protect our pets and keep them safe from harm just as we would do for our family members. A pet is a part of the family when you adopt it and should be treated as such. Just some food for thought.....If we want the rights to own any pet of our choosing rather it be a chihuhua or a pit bull then we have to show proper pet ownership in order to keep those rights and not have our city, county or state's dictate to us what type of pet we can own. Thus putting a stop to communities that are banning owning certain animals. I will continue my quest to promote pet health and safety despite what obstacles any judge may put before me or make me feel that this isn't worthy enough of a platform for Miss Ohio......because it is what I believe in and what matters to me. I have prepared myself and worked very hard toward that goal of becoming a Veterinarian. As I want to make a difference in the life of a pet or any animal I may take care of someday.

How could you not love these faces??????.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Will you be my Friend???

Will you be my friend?

Hi There!

Go Away!!!

No.... talk to me!!

Let's hang out for awhile!

See...I'm not so bad after all!!!