Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Camps

I only have pictures of the K9 unit that was at the camp on June 27, but these are the other guest speakers that we had join us.

1) Dr. Chris Handler~Toledo Zoo Veterinarian
There is only two vets at the zoo for over 9000 animals and they will be bringing in one intern. They have "keepers" that specifically take care of certain animals in the zoo and let the vets know if something is wrong with the animal that they keep an eye on. Once you graduate from Veterinarian School you can go straight into your practice. The Vet Techs are the ones that do the research, injections, treatment, working with blood samples in lab, etc. He brought in a 9 year old Armadillo named Sam.

2) Jen ~ Vet Tech
Helps the Vets keep all the equipment sterile, do all the blood work testing. She wanted to be a vet tech since she was little when a lifelong pet was having accidents and the vet gave her dog, Star, medicine and gave her dog a little bit longer to live. She wanted to help people and animals the way she was helped. She loves animals, loves helping, and loves her job.
She did some trivia questions with the kids:
Heart rate for a cat (average)? 120-140~ this has different numbers at different sites.
Average body temperature for a dog? 100.5-102.5 F
Proper way to hold a rabbit? like a football
A horse's teeth never stop growing.
What do you call a baby deer? foe
What is a Jill? female ferret
What is a hob? male ferret
Sow is a female pig
A joey is a baby kangaroo

3)Officer Joe Valvano ~ Waterville K9 unit for 11 years
-His dog, Buster, is a Belgian Malinois. He doesn't know what drugs are, he is just looking for his treat, which is a towel. They train their dogs by putting the drug in the towel that they are trying to train them with for about 3 months.
-Passive dogs ~ Bomb dogs.
-Aggressive dogs ~ Dogs that will scratch and bark, drug dogs.
-Over time dogs will have the intelligence of a 3rd grader.
-His older dog, Choco, that is retired is responsible for 12 million dollars of confiscations. Buster only has about a pound of marijuana, but think what he will be able to do as time goes on.
-If a police dog would be kicked by someone that is a felony, just like assaulting a police officer.
-He had a story that he told the kids about how he was picked up at his house in Wauseon by a helicopter so that he could be delivered to an area around the University of Toledo (they got there in 13 minutes), to catch a suspect that escaped.
-The photos below was Buster doing a search for the marijuana that Officer Valvano hid under the rock. Very cool group!

The guest speakers on June 28.
1) Dawn Hammer ~ Pet Photography
She realized that she was taking more pictures of animals than people so she decided to do photography for pets. She had a book with her photographs she took, had amazing photos and quotes.

2) Dr. Beth ~ Heatherdowns Vet clinic
undergrad. Bachelor in Biology at University of Toledo.
DVM ~ Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, grad school at Ohio State.

Careers With Animals camp