Friday, June 24, 2011

Here are some local and national news events about animals!

Click here to view article on Lola and her puppies

Here is another link on Lola

Lola is a very adorable dog that was brought into Sylvania Vet in bad conditions. It is unknown how she got the way she did but she is doing better after the amazing care from the Vet staff. She was nearly killed by maggots and the man that brought her in did not provide the vet office with much information as to how she got that way. Her seven puppies and her are doing great and if you would like to read and see more about this amazing survivor click on the link above.

Click here to see an article about a baby dolphin who died unexpectedly

Wood County rejects Toledo Zoo Levy
You can see the story and read the article at the link above.

In Fremont, Ohio a monkey on the loose now back at its home
I do not agree with them having a monkey as a pet, it is a wild animal and they really should be educated on the dangers of a wild animal being owned. Fremont does not have a law against owning wild animals.
Here is an article in the blade on the topic
Here is the link with the video

Here is a link on the animal rescue efforts going on in North Dakota
Here is another one
Here is a link on the zoo evacuation

Click here for an amazing story on a dog that was given a chance to run again
This dog was fitted with prosthetic legs and was able to run again. What an amazing story that is really touching!

Saturday, June 4, 2011